The consumer market is highly demanding. It is crucial to create vital distinction nowadays. You can always improve on design (durability, innovation, fashion), production (cycle time, tailor-made) or competence (new materials, technology). Expertise on certain fields of design is an appreciated tool to take your product to the next level. Like industrial engineering is needed on hard goods, technical insight on soft goods is proven profitable. The look and feel of your product helps your consumer-focus-group to stay triggered. Of course the aesthetic value of fabrics can not be underestimated. Like use of colour can make or break a strong identity. Concerning production; early involvement of soft goods design can improve and shorten the process as well as cut on costs. Often a fresh view helps you to think out of the box, and surprises in potential. Soft Goods, design & development has contributed to many award winning projects in several branches:
  • Furniture/ bedding industry
  • (Interior-)textiles industry
  • Baby-/ toddler hardware
  • Fashion accessories
  • Outdoor/ sports branch
  • Mobility/ Automotive
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